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What Would We See?

March 14, 2023 | motivational | No Comments


What Would We See?

What would we see if we took 8 hours to pray in the Spirit?
Would we see… Metal plates dissolve?
Would we see… Resurrection Power?
Would we see… The Lame and Paralyzed Walk?
Would we see… Cancer Dissolve? Blind Eyes Open? Marriages and Relationships Restored?
Would we see… Missing Limbs and Body Parts Suddenly Appear? Skin Restored? Hair Restored… In Color?
Would we see… Demons Flee? Strongholds Broken? Finances Restored?
Would we see… Into The Future?
What would we see if we took just 8 hours day to pray in the Spirit?
Would we see… Kingdom Principles Revealed? Demon Bullies Flee? Prophecy’s Come To Pass?
Would we see… People Break Out In Holy Ghost Laughter When We Walk By Or Even Enter A Room?
Would we see… Translations To The Other Side Of The World To Minister And Be Translated Back, Only Being Gone For A Moment Of Time?
Would we see… Lies Exposed? Families And Friends Reconciled? Curses Broken?
Would we see… The Prophetic Activated In Our Lives?
Would we see… Our Country Healed And Restored? Fear Flee? Kingdom Principle Finances Generated?
Would we see… Victory Over Any Type Of Addictions? Walking Through Walls? Walking On Water?
What would we see if we took 8 hours to pray in the Spirit?
Would we see… Sins, Transgressions, Iniquity Disappear?
Would we see… The Same Miracles That Jesus Did In The Bible? Feeding of Five Thousand People With Only Two Fish And Five Loaves? A Tree Weather From The Roots Up After Speaking To It?
Would we see… The Dead Raised? The Lame Walk? Financial Miracles?
Would we see…  Creative Ideas And Witty Inventions? Knowing What To Do In Every Circumstance? Debt Free In 2023?
Would we see… Such Creative Miracles Take Place So FastThat It Makes You Wonder What Even Happened?
Would we see…  Michelle JV Peterson Totally Healed? Set Free From Pain, Nerve Damage Restored, Missing Joints Restored, Spine Straight And True, Dancing, Biking, Hiking, Running Down A Dock And Jumping In A Lake?
What would we see if we took 8 hours to fellowship with our Holy Spirit?

What Would We See? Michelle Healed As If It Never Happened?