Batter Up

June 25, 2023 | motivational | No Comments


I hear the words Batter Up
Going, going, GONE!

Down by 3… 2 outs… top of the 9th… Bases loaded.
I hear the call in the background “Batter up!”

The warmup stretches and weighted bat swings are done! 
It’s time to step up to the plate.
  Swing away is what I’m hearing in my heart. 
The first pitch is a direct connect and that ball is going, going, gone! Touch ’em all!
  The first one across the plate is the breakthrough for others to follow. 
That’s the game! It’s that easy!
  How did that happen? Why was that easy? 
In all things by prayer and supplication. Praying in the Spirit.
  The keys to the kingdom have been given to you! 
The Kingdom is in you! Learn to use those keys! Learn His Kingdom
  People are counting on you to make that hit!
Batter Up!
  As always P.U.S.H. forward, (Pray Until Shift Happens) if you don’t quit, you WILL win!

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about author

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