Ralph PetersonToday we received a word from good friends of ours. I felt prompted to share this word with you.

“Winston Spencer Churchill said; ‘Never give up, Never give up, Never give up!’ And World War II was won!

I want you to know that You are rich, You are healed, You are blessed, You are anointed, You are victorious, You are pain free, You are highly favored, You are the head and not the tail, You are above and not beneath, I Am says YOU ARE!” – Spencer Nordyke

Here’s what I have to add.

Everyone goes through battles.
But there are times when you just need a little P.U.S.H.
Pray Until Shift Happens.
Someone is going to win the battle, why not you?
That time is now!
Don’t quit until you see victory!
Shift Happens!

If you believe it, receive it!


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about author

Ralph Peterson

Ralph Peterson is owner and CEO of 7Trillion Corporation - Internet Marketing Service. He is a graduate from University of Saint Thomas, School of Business Mini-MBA (Small Business Administration/Management) Over 30 years of combined experience in Marketing & Website Development.
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