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The stage is set for the high noon showdown by the river. Can you hear the clink, clank, clink of the spurs on the gravel pathway?





Twitching fingers, ready to draw, flexing muscles, a little tweak of the neck to break the tension…


Where is the opponent?

Where is the enemy?

Nowhere to be seen, but the Son is on the horizon… What could this mean?

Father says you don’t have to fight this battle, this battle is mine, and you won!

For many of you have been in a hard place. Hard to move, difficult to just squeeze by, but there has been a change, even in the last few days, the tide has turned, revelation knowledge is being released. Yes revelation knowledge to help you learn, even to you discern. Be listening! Be tuned in! Press in to pray in the Spirit. Take the time, yes take more time and…

I am…

I am…

I am making your path straight.

I am… making your path easy.

I am… handing you the victory!

Everyone goes through battles.
But there are times when you just need a little P.U.S.H.
Pray Until Shift Happens.
Someone is going to win the battle, why not you?
That time is now!
Don’t quit until you see victory!
Shift Happens!

If you believe it, receive it!


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about author

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